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Sterling Communtiy Center

Fostering, Nurturing, Connecting - Family & Community

Volunteer Spotlight

Art Brown

is in our Spotlight!

Art Brown has been fundamental in the operation of our facility and delivery of our programs. Not only has Art served on on our volunteer board of directors, he has graciously donated countless hours of his time to organize and catalog our library (no small task!)

Thank you for all that you do for us Art!

To find out how you can give back to the community by volunteering at the Sterling Community Center, call Michelle at 907-262-7224 or email us at scc@acsalaska.net.

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See You Soon!

Responsible Re-Opening

Effective 5/22/20

the SCC is modifying it's

mitigation plan:

  • We will continue to encourage safety among our patrons and ask that each person make their own choices about what makes them the most comfortable and safe.
  • Mask are strongly advised, but no longer required.
  • Social distancing during activities is still encouraged.

Individuals in the high-risk category are encouraged to continue to self-isolate.

  • Please continue to practice regular hand washing and sanitizing while using our facility.


  • New push button facility access door knobs need programmed and installed
  • Locker room counter tops need front solid surface trim installed
  • Locker room base molding needs completed
  • FRP needs installed around kitchen steam table and a quartz shelf installed
  • Woman’s bathroom stall panel needs changed out
  • Banners need put up and some need moved in gym
  • Post office roof, windows, skirting and painting
  • School house crawl space vents & foundation waterproof fabric and metal need work
  • School house gas piping needs tied to the new piping
  • Wire fencing and piping needs installed around baseball field
  • Locker room thermostat needs moved
  • Cracked windows need replaced
  •  Flashing on exterior doors readjusted & weather stripping adjusted