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Responsible Re-Opening

Effective 5/22/20

the SCC is modifying it's

mitigation plan:

  • We will continue to encourage safety among our patrons and ask that each person make their own choices about what makes them the most comfortable and safe.
  • Mask are strongly advised, but no longer required.
  • Social distancing during activities is still encouraged.

Individuals in the high-risk category are encouraged to continue to self-isolate.

  • Please continue to practice regular hand washing and sanitizing while using our facility.


  • New push button facility access door knobs need programmed and installed
  • Locker room counter tops need front solid surface trim installed
  • Locker room base molding needs completed
  • FRP needs installed around kitchen steam table and a quartz shelf installed
  • Woman’s bathroom stall panel needs changed out
  • Banners need put up and some need moved in gym
  • Post office roof, windows, skirting and painting
  • School house crawl space vents & foundation waterproof fabric and metal need work
  • School house gas piping needs tied to the new piping
  • Wire fencing and piping needs installed around baseball field
  • Locker room thermostat needs moved
  • Cracked windows need replaced
  •  Flashing on exterior doors readjusted & weather stripping adjusted