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Sterling Community Center Policy & Procedures

NOTE: All policies and fees may be changed or added as needed by the Sterling Community Center Board

Code of Conduct for the Sterling Community Center

Policy # 1:

Participants and anyone involved are expected to be courteous to other facilities users and employees and to follow the rules, policies and safety instructions outlined by Sterling Community Center hereafter known as SCC and the Sterling Community Club, Inc Board hereafter known as SCCI. Facility users who engage in behavior or actions that might damage equipment or facilities, or pose a threat to the safety and well-being of themselves or others may lose their privileges. The staff and participants of SCC appreciate your cooperation in making our facilities a friendly and positive environment for recreational and social opportunities. Vulgar, obscene, abusive, derogatory or demeaning comments and gestures are not consistent with a positive environment and could lead to loss of privileges. We appreciate your support in continuing the positive environment that exists in this facility. These facility policies are for introductory purposes only and may be adjusted or changed as needed. These facilities will be governed by the Sterling Community Club, Inc. Board of Directors.

General Facility Policies:

  • Smoking Policy: All SCC facilities are non-smoking facilities, including 15 ft. outside of the building.

  • Drug Policy: SCC is a drug free facility and any use of drugs will not be tolerated!!

  • Bullying Policy: SCC will not tolerate bullying and any issues that arise will be addressed

  • Food and Drink Policy: Food and drink are permitted in designated areas only. Glass containers are prohibited except at special events.

  • Organized/Group Activities: Organized/group activities must be approved and scheduled in advance by SCCI Board. Use of facilities for paid instructional or coaching purposes must also be done with prior approval of SCCI Board.

  • Locker Room Policy: No glass is allowed in locker rooms. SCCI is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items vacated due to unauthorized use. Regardless of age, people are not allowed in the opposite sex’s locker rooms, young children with a parent may use the regular bathrooms of this facility.

  • Locker Usage Policy: With the exception of rental lockers, items may not be left overnight. Contents of unauthorized lockers will be removed by SCC staff. All lockers must be vacated at the close of each day except when the locker rooms are rented. If any lockers with items remaining at closing the locks will be removed and items will be vacated. SCCI is not responsible for storing items left in lockers.

  • Security Issues: We encourage our members to bring only necessary items to the facility. Leave valuables at home and be especially vigilant in providing for the security of your belongings. SCCI will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • ADA Compliance: Patrons requiring assistance or special consideration for use of SCCI facilities should contact a staff member.

  • Footwear Policy: All safety tread shoes and cleats must be removed in the foyer area. Damage done by those not removing said items are responsible for the payment of repairs for all damage done to the facility.

Membership Policies: 

Policy # 2:

SCC encourages all users to purchase a membership card in order to benefit from the opportunity to use the facility to its fullest capacity. Children/youth, families, adults & seniors are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the programs, services, and facilities of the SCC. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult or guardian when using the indoor facilities, except during scheduled and adult supervised events. Supporting the membership program helps keeps the facility operating costs down. Membership to the Sterling Community Center includes membership to the Sterling Community Club, Inc. but membership in the SCCI is limited to Sterling residents and or property owners only. You must fill out a membership form agreement and pay the dues to be a member. The benefits of being a member are listed below.

Membership to the SCC includes:

  • Unlimited usage of open gym/multipurpose room during SCC scheduled use times; some examples are basketball, volleyball, open gym, walking, tennis, hockey rink, computers etc.

  • 10 % reduction in facility rental fees (for individual sponsored function-does not include group function; the group has to be a member for the reduced fee to rent)

  • A member will have priority use over non-members

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