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Sterling Community Club (SCC) was originally known as the Naptowne Community Club, first organized in 1953. The purpose of the homesteaders to organize at that time was to lease land from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to build a school. At that time, there were about 16 local children in Sterling that needed schooling. During those early years, there was also a sportsman club called the Naptowne Rifle Club.

In 1959, these two organizations combined and called themselves the "Sterling Community Club". That was about the time the name "Naptowne" was changed to "Sterling" Alaska. The SCC originally had use of Lot 1 and Lot 2 of Section 11 for school and community use. They later relinquished Lot 2 to the School District when Alaska became a State and a larger school was built on it.

Those early homesteaders had to pay $5.00 per year lease on this land to the BLM as Alaska was still a territory in those days. Finally, after much correspondence, the SCC incorporated in 1959 as a non profit organization. On March 16, 1964, the Sterling Community Club, Inc (SCCI) received patent to Lot 1 of Section 11. They paid $990.00 for the 5.94 acres. On this patent it said the use of the property was for "grade school and community site purposes only".

In 1991, the SCCI applied for an amendment to the patent so that the purpose of the site was changed to "community site purpose" only. This was because the new elementary school had already been built on Lot 2 of Section 11 and they wanted to ensure Lot 1 was kept as community property so they could use the log cabin for community purposes.The SCCI received its 501c(3) designation as a non-profit from the Federal Government in 1995.

Since the log cabin was no longer needed for a school house, it became a meeting place for the community. The SCCI has always offered a place for the community to gather for summer and winter fun. We have sponsored all kinds of events over the years for the community like carnivals, runs, pageants, volleyball and baseball games, dinners, auctions, shows, fireworks, winter games, garage sales, etc. Along with many volunteers, the SCCI has built a baseball field, hockey rink, picnic area and playground on this property. Now we are in the final stages of building a Sterling Community Center (SCC) on the property for the enjoyment of all.


The Mission Statement for this non-profit organization is that "it is formed to bring together those persons interested in the welfare and improvement of the Sterling community and to promote the education, social, charitable and civic interests of this area". The SCCI feels our most valuable resource is our kids, our families and our future in this great state of Alaska.

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