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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Please help YOUR Sterling Senior Center provide food boxes for our friends and neighbors who need a little help this Thanksgiving. We are very short of just about everything needed to make up the more than 50 boxes needed to help our local people.

PLEASE bring your donated items to the Sterling Senior Center as soon as possible, as it's hoped that items might be boxed and marked for recipients this weekend for distribution early next week.

Thank YOU for any donation and help you can give.

Log Cabin Restoration Volunteers Needed

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Sterling Community Center Business Plan

Sterling Community Club

Sterling Community Club

Prepared by: SCCI

Phone 262-5409

PO Box 15 Fax 260-5409

Sterling, AK 99672

April 10,2012

Business Plan

Sterling Community Center

Table of Contents

Section 1

Executive Summary………………………………………..1

Section 2

Community Overview……………………………………4

Section 3


Sterling Community Center Business Plan

March 2012

Section 1 Executive Summary


The Sterling Community Club, Inc. (SCCI) has been in existence since 1959 and has been an approved 501©3 non-profit Corporation since the early 1990’s. The Mission Statement for this non-profit organization is that, “it is formed to bring together those persons interested in the welfare and improvement of the Sterling community and to promote the education, social, charitable and civic interests of this area”. The SCCI feels our most valuable resource is our kids, our families & our future in this great state of Alaska.


The Sterling Community Center (SCC) that we are going to build will be approximately 15,000 sq. ft. The building will consist of a computer library/conference room, a full size gym/meeting room, a catering kitchen, 2 offices, pantry, female & male lockers, 3 storage rooms, a mechanical room, office space for SCCI & a director, handicapped bathrooms, another bathroom with an outside entrance for hockey players and an entry way that can house a small gift shop & a concession area. It will be built on a heated slab floor with a prefab wood structure built by Spenard Builders. It will be located on a parcel of land (approximately 5 acres), owned by the Sterling Community Club, Inc. valued at $100,000.00, on the corner of Swanson River Road and the Sterling Highway in Sterling Alaska.

The Sterling Community thinks this facility will bring an economic boost to our community, as well as a place for youth and adults to meet & recreate. Once the building is built we will be able to use it for various functions such as;

· a recreation/meeting space

· a community computer library

· a museum

· health fairs

· artist exhibits/concerts

· a place for our Head Start kids to use for their larger programs

· community health programs such as “Safe Kids”

· a space to administer required vaccinations and flu shots

· computer classes

· Fire Safety programs

· use as an emergency shelter in emergencies

· Boy’s and Girl’s Club programs

· sports teams overnighters

· weddings, community dinners, fundraisers etc.


Estimates received to build this 13,000 sq. ft. facility that will be functional for our community is $1,400,000.00 depending on how much volunteer help & services we get. The Sterling community citizens have committed to volunteer some materials & services for some of the plumbing, electrical, gravel, dirt work and labor for building this facility. The SCCI has already spent $92,213.00 this year for prep work for this building plus the sand & gravel & the excavating which was all donated in the amount of about $40,000.00.


These are some of the things we have completed to prepare the property for building the SCC;

· Installed new high wattage electricity (still have to put in 3 phase electricity)

· Moved the natural gas line, that crossed the middle of our community property, to the property line

· Hauled sand/gravel in for a solid foundation base for the new location for the historic old elementary school (old log cabin)

· Built the new foundation for the log cabin

· Moved the old school unto the new foundation

· Moved the old Sterling post office from the Scout Lake area to the community property, to be used at a later date, for part of the museum

· Moved the work shop out of the way so we could excavate for the new Center

· Moved the pavilion & playground to a temporary location

· Paid Taurianian Engineering for civil & structural engineering plans

· Made a $59,000.00 credit deposit to Spenard Builders

· All the excavation for the new building foundation has been done. We had to dig about 5 feet deep. The sand/gravel was hauled back in by volunteers for the material, excavators, compactor, dozers and trucks. (about 1500 cu. yds. = $40,000.00 all donated) We are ready to start putting in the footings & build the building in the spring.

These are some of the partners we are currently working with.

· Sterling Community Club-funding

· State of Alaska, Dept. of Commerce, Community & Economic Development-funding

· Small Business director-business plan

· Merkes Builders-consultant

· Bob Oakes-President of SCCI

· Kenai Peninsula Borough-funding

· Jim Parker-electrical engineer

· Barry Lowe-Mechanical Engineer (Miller Sheet Metal)

· Klauder & Co. Architects

· Mike Taurianinen, P.E. Consulting Engineers, Inc—structural, water, sewer, soils

· Smith Well Drilling-new well

· DEC-septic & water approval

· Fire sprinkler & alarm Co.


Sterling is located about 15 miles East of Soldotna and is governed by the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Sterling is not incorporated but the 2010 US Census has designated Sterling as a Census Area & reports there are 5,617 people that live in the Sterling Census Area and 56,777 people in the Kenai Peninsula area. RuraLCap of Alaska has sponsored a home building Self-Help project for 8 below income homes and also a Head-Start program in the Sterling area because of the need demonstrated by low to moderate income families.

Currently there are no large facilities in Sterling for the community to hold large functions, sporting events & sports leagues, youth & adult meetings & functions, Boys & Girls club programs, health & exercise programs, large rental space for over 300 participants, locker rooms, a community public/computer library, or a museum. The Sterling Elementary School gym is not available during school hours or when out of session. The only library in the Sterling community is the Elementary School library and is mostly stocked with books for elementary school children & available only during the school year.

Sterling has a long history of native culture living in the Sterling area near the confluence of the Kenai and Moose River. A lot of artifacts have been collected over the years by local citizens, but we need a museum area to display & preserve them. There is also a lot of history and articles available from the late 40’s & early 50’s regarding the homesteading era of the Sterling area. A lot of homesteaders are passing on and we are losing the opportunity to learn from them. For these reasons we need to have a location that will accommodate all these needs.


We have been working on this project of building a Center for over 10 years. The need for such a facility has been noted for at least the past 20 years. We have received grants from the state of Alaska for $40,000.00, $50,000.00, $200,000.00, $400,000.00 and another $400,000.00 grant from the 2013 State Budget. The SCCI also has some other funds to contribute to this project.

Meetings have been held in support of such a project for the past 10 years. There have been three surveys taken and all the surveys support the need for a multi-use center in Sterling. The SCCI will own the facility and will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the building. The facility has wide spread support from the local community and is included as one of the Goals in our “Sterling Community Action Plan”. The Kenai Peninsula Borough has included support for a multi-use facility in their State & Federal Legislative Capital Projects list for a number of years. The SCCI members have been working on improving the community property for many years. There currently is the old log school, (which will be the museum) the old Sterling post office, a baseball field, a paved hockey rink, a picnic area with a covered roof, (which had to be moved for the new building) and a play ground on the property. All this was accomplished with community volunteers, donations & grants.


Our Plan is for the SCCI to request to sponsor an AmeriCorps, Vista member or Mature Adult program to help out with program scheduling & supervising certain programs for a couple of years. We will also hire a part-time Director that will be in charge of the scheduling, bookkeeping, contract labor & all things necessary to operate this building. The operational and maintenance costs will come from user fees, annual dues, advertising signs rental space, donations, fundraisers, some borough revenue sharing, sports team’s overnighters, rental fees from large events etc. (see attachment)

Our community is very excited to see this project come to fruition. The improvements that we already have on the property shows the commitment & volunteerism our community has for doing things for the community, the kids, adults and all citizens of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. The SCC will be something that the whole community will be very proud of & will be used at all times for any number of events.

Section 2 Community Overview

Sterling Community Business Plan

Sterling Community Center


Sterling is located on the Sterling Highway at the junction of the Moose and Kenai Rivers, 15 miles north of the City of Soldotna and on the southern part of the state. There are no official boundaries established for the Sterling area. However, the 2010 census block shows Sterling encompasses about 77 sq. miles of land and 2.1 sq. miles of water. Sterling is an unincorporated community with the governing and incorporated body being the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

The Kenai Peninsula has been the home of the Kenaitze Indians for hundreds of years. An archaeological site, containing prehistoric house pits, has been discovered at the Isaac Walton Campground at the confluence of the Kenai and Moose River in Sterling. Some historical excavating has been done at the site and many artifacts have been found from past civilizations.

Sterling's homesteaders are the modern day pioneers of the Sterling area. In the early 1940’s through the early 1960’s people were allowed to homestead on land and locate their homes there and develop 20 acres of the 160-acre parcels of which they filed for “Notice of Allowance” on. The Federal government gave them patent to the land after all the requirements were met. There were about 40 to 50 homesteads developed at that time. The private land, that Sterling citizens own today, are those homesteads and government parcels that were developed & subdivided in later years. The rest of the land around Sterling is Federal, State, Borough or Native owned land. The land that the new SCC will be built on, is land given & eventually bought for $900.00 by the SCCI from the Federal Borough of Land Management.


The population for the Sterling Census block for 2010 is 5617, compared to 4705 in 2000. There are 3347 household units in the Sterling area. Over 80% of the population is 0 to 60 years old. Over 40 % of the elementary school children receive free or reduced lunches. The Sterling Elementary School has an enrollment of 160 students & Soldotna Middle School enrollment for, 7th & 8th graders, is 430 students. Head Start has 40 children enrolled in the 2010/2011 program with a waiting list of interested families.


The Sterling Highway provides access to Homer to the south and to Anchorage and beyond to the north. Most of the roads in the Sterling area are owned and maintained by the Borough or the State. There are at least nine private airstrips in the Sterling area. There are a number of privately operated boat launches to the Kenai River and Scout and Longmere Lakes. Nearby Kenai and Soldotna offer public airports. Public docking facilities are also offered on the Kenai River.

CARTS is a local non-profit transportation brokerage which helps people find affordable rides in the area for work, senior citizens, shopping, doctor visits, kindergarten etc. The transportation program is available to everyone for a fee. There is also cab service offered in Sterling area.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough provides a refuse transfer facility at Mile 85 of the Sterling Highway.

There is an emergency services/fire station just south of the Sterling Elementary School. Central Peninsula Emergency Services provides fire and ambulance service to the Sterling area. The new Center is being designed to include a fire suppression system.

Sterling Elementary is the only public school in Sterling. It provides kindergarten through sixth grade. 7th through 12th grade attend school in Soldotna.

A Head-Start program was started in 2000 and is offered for low-income students of pre-school age.

There are no public facilities available in the Sterling area for citizens to meet at or to have large gathering. The elementary school does have a gymnasium but is only available till early evening and is not available during school days, weekends or in the summer. .

As to other facilities in the Sterling area, homes use individual water wells and septic tank systems and are fully plumbed. The Sterling Elementary School operates its own water well and sewer system as will this new SCC.


· This proposed SCC would use on site water and sewer as well as gas and electric, which are presently on site.

· The building would provide many uses and advantages to the Sterling Community that are not available now.

· Population will continue to grow and there will be a continued need for a center for citizens to congregate at for many needs.

· The building would be used for all community functions

· Space will be available for health and safety programs such as Blood Bank, Safe Kids, Public Health, Red Cross etc.

· Space will be available for a Incident Command Center in case of emergency fire, floods etc.

· A recreation/meeting space for citizens of all generations

· A location for a public/computer library

· A location for a museum

· The building would be available for local organizations to meet

· Small conventions or meetings could be catered by local businesses which would bring more business into the local area and create more job

Section 3 Summary

Sterling Community Business Plan

Sterling Community Center


We are anticipating that the construction of the SCC will start in the early spring. We hope to have our final mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and architectural plans complete and approved by the State fire marshal by April 20th, 2012.

During this time of construction we will apply for library and museum grants and also aTier I grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.

This project, once completed, will be a major asset to our Sterling Community. It will provide a much needed public computer library, a gym for all sports events, our Head Start kids will have a large indoor place to meet, large groups & youth organizations will have a place to hold meetings/recreate and we will eventually have a museum facility to hold all the priceless archeological & homesteading history of our community.


with a consensus that the community supports building a Multi-Use facility in Sterling, which would be owned by the Sterling Community Club, Inc. an approved 501©3 non-profit Corporation.

Residents will not have to drive to Soldotna (15 miles) to use the services that will be provided at this facility. All people on the Kenai Peninsula will be able to use this facility. Showers will be available for families who do not have running water and the facility will be available to visiting sports teams to overnight at. It will be available for an emergency center if needed. Residents will have a local building available to hold large functions for over 300 people. We are looking forward to this SCC to bring our Sterling community together in cooperation with the Sterling Senior Center to hold functions that support each other.This community center has wide support from the local community. There have been many meetings and surveys held since 1992 to finally arrive


· The center will provide space for life, health and safety programs for our community

· It will be a place for education, social functions and recreation

· It will provide an Incident Command Center & Shelter for emergencies in the Sterling area

· It will provide needed space for the Head-Start after class programs

· The computer library will provide needed resources, such as computers & computer classes, for local residents

· It will provide jobs for local residents

· It will be a place for all residents to use

· It will be a place to promote economic development

· The museum will provide a place to house local archeological and historical items for future generations

· The Sterling Community Club will be able to operate and maintain this building because of the income derived from rentals, as well as all other community sources.

· Decisions will still have to be made regarding such things as; users fees for members & volunteers, fees for other organizations to use facility, Boys & Girls club sports, discounts for Sterling residents, weddings, liquor on site, cleaning deposit, gaming license etc. This will be the function of the Sterling Community Club, Inc. its board and it’s members.

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